Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Next meeting March 10th

We had about 10 people at our meeting last night including our dedicated members from Evanston Wyoming and Shaan Hurley from Autodesk. It's always nice to have Shaan at our meetings, I know he is super busy but if he is in town he always shows up. If you haven't up to now you should check out his blog here: He has a lot of good stuff about Autodesk, AutoCAD and just geeky stuff in general. He also has information about other user groups in Utah. He mentioned that the Revit User Group was getting fired up again and there is also an Inventer User Group getting organized.

We had some discussions mostly about corridors and solving problems that people were having with them. I'm not sure we solved a lot but at least we talked about possible solutions.

Our next meeting is planned for March 10th so mark it on your calendar and plan to attend. The location will be the same.

Thanks go out to CLC Associates for allowing us to have the meeting at their offices and also to Michelle Rasmussen, Leland Jensen and all the folks at IMAGINiT for being a sponsor of our group!

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